About Namib Sun Hunting Safaris

Namib Sun Hunting Safaris takes pride in recruiting only well trained professional and experienced hunters and hospitality staff that share our appreciation of hunting being an integral and indispensable part of sound game management practices.

The Barnard family welcomes you 

Whether you are seeking the ultimate hunting experience or just need to get back to nature, Namib Sun Hunting Safaris offers you unspoiled nature. Excellent service and the most desirable hunting adventure in Africa.

Our Philosophy

We live by our philosophy to ensure minimal impact on the environment by promoting game population diversity and maintaining natural balance. High quantity international standards, personal service and true Namibian hospitality in style, make Otjiwa Safari Lodge the ultimate destination for discerning guests.

Sustainable Game Utilization

Endorsement of sustainable game utilization ensures that hunters have access to old and mature trophies. Identification of desired game on an open-vehicle game drive is done preliminary to the actual hunt and also guarantees excellent viewing of Africa's wildlife.

All our vehicles are 4x4 all-terrain vehicles, they are “sand-lovers”.

Our Crew & Staff

Our crew, guides and staff are well-trained and passionate professionals, they are friendly, experienced, multi-lingual and most importantly, enthusiastic!

Hadassa Publicity Shoot
Your hot management couple Maureen and Piet Laubscher

Namib Sun Hunting Safaris History

Namib Sun Hunting Safaris is one of the bigger trophy hunting outfits in Namibia. It is based on the first game ranch to be established in Namibia in 1973, namely Otjiwa Game Ranch. Namib Sun Hunting Safaris was established in 1987 as a true Namibian outfitter. Otjiwa Game Ranch is the home of more than 50 species, including white rhino, sable, and most of Namibia’s indigenous game species. Otjiwa Game Ranch has, during the last 4 decades contributed a lot to the specie diversity on game farms throughout Namibia especially in white rhino, sable, roan and red lechwe population. Namib Sun Hunting Safaris is a division of one of the largest privately owned Companies in Namibia and from Company tradition was very active in the German speaking countries of Europe due to its former ties with Germany. During the course of the last six years Namib Sun Hunting Safaris opted to broaden its clientele base and ventured into the United States of America. It was soon realized that it is virtually impossible to cover the USA through hunting conventions. And the fact that the more popular conventions are crowded by African outfitters it was decided to approach several hunting agents in the United States for representation of Namib Sun Hunting Safaris. We are sure that through this mean of marketing we will obtain a fair number of clients. Currently we have a few former clients mostly in the western United States who from time to time refer Namib Sun Hunting Safaris to their acquaintances. We would like you to indicate if and under what conditions you would like to take up Namib Sun Hunting Safaris in your African Trophy Hunting Package.